Organizers:  Lithuanian School of Sommelier, Lithuanian Sommelier Association (LSA) and Association of Head Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Lithuania (LRVVKA).

Target of the competition: to select the best pairings of wine and dessert of 2017.

Order of the competition: each competitor has to prepare 9 portions of wine and desert and to serve them  for jury. No time limits for presentation. Languages of presentation: Lithuanian, English or French.  No restrictions for the choice of wine. Competition will be held  in front of public.


  1. Competitiors: teams of chefs and sommeliers or single participants. Competitors have to use their own glasware, dishware and silver. Organizers will provide a table were  desert and wine have to be served.
  2. There will be  available basic kitchen equipment: freezer, refrigerator, electric stove in the place of competition two hours before start. Please inform in advance if more equipment or time is needed – we will do our best to arrange it.
  3. Championship will be held  on the 20th, November, 2017 (Monday) at 16.00 in Vilnius, location will ne announced later.
  4. Deadline for registration:  10th November, 2017:, tel. no. +370 5 2159438.
  5. Jury (7 members) will be  appointed by organizers. Most of the jury members are international and Lithuanian food & wine journalists, independent experts.
  6. Programme:
    15:00 drawing of the lots of the order of presentation
    16:00 introduction of competitors and of jury members
    16:20 -19:00 – competition for jury and competitors, tasting program for public
    20:00 – award ceremony.
  7. Criteria of evaluation:
    1. Profesionalims and artistic effects of presentation (10%);
    2. Estetics of the desert, reasoning of the wine choice (25%);
    3. Match of appearance, aroma and taste of wine and desert (65%);
  8. Prize winners will be anounced and awarded according to the aggregated evaluation by jury.
    List of special prizes will be announced not later than 15th October, 2017.


Competition fee: 25 Euros. Fee for the members of Lithuanian sommelier association – 15 Euros.